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How to Keep Your Dog Off the Bed at Night or When You’re Not Home

Oct 19,2023 | gladdween

In the pet owner world, there’s a bit of controversy over whether dogs should be allowed on the bed at night or when the owner is not home. 

As we’ve discussed in one of our previous posts, experts have provided reasons why dogs should not be allowed on the bed. But that’s not the point of this post. Instead, this post will dive into how to keep your dog off the bed. 

There are a few methods that can be used to keep your dog off the bed that we will discuss in detail. One of the biggest ones is training your dog not to jump on the bed from the beginning. But what if it’s too late? What if your dog already spends the night in bed, or you find your dog catching some zzz’sin bed when you get home from work? Well, there are methods to retrain your dog to not jump on the bed, along with a few other techniques that can function to prevent your four-legged friend from rubbing all over the sheets. 

Continue reading below to find out how to keep your dog off the bed! First, allow us to summarize why dogs shouldn’t be allowed on your bed in the first place.

Do You Really Need to Learn How to Keep Your Dog Off the Bed?

Though it may not be a dealbreaker for everyone, learning how to keep a dog off the bed can prevent a few problems that may result from allowing your dog on the bed. 

The biggest issue is keeping the bugs away. Dogs are known to attract bugs like fleas and ticks. They can carry diseases and place you at risk of exposure to infection. Allowing the dog on your bed or furniture increases risk.

How? As you lay down on your bed, you are essentially lying in an infested space. Your skin is exposed to ticks and fleas that can bite or latch onto you. This serves to increase your risk of exposure to infection and disease. It’s pertinent to ensure your dog is up to date on its flea and tick medication and other veterinarian-recommended updates, but this can only serve to do so much in terms of protecting you and your dog from these bugs that need to outside to use the bathroom where fleas and ticks reside. 

For more information, read our article discussing what experts say on whether dogs should sleep in bed with you. 

How to Keep Your Dog Off the Bed at Night or When Not Home

Are you looking for how to keep a dog off the bed at night or when you’re not home? Then, we’ve got some tips you should check out below! 

Don’t Let Them Develop the Habit in the First Place

Habits are hard to negate once they’ve been developed. This is especially so when learning how to keep the dog off the bed when not home.

Teaching your dog that they are allowed on the bed, whether at night or during the day, at any point will encourage them to continue that behavior. 

That’s why when training a dog, it is essential not to allow any “exceptions” so as not to confuse your dog. Allowing them on the bed every night and then one day deciding it’s a no-go is not fair to your dog. It will only confuse your dog, hence the importance of training your dog to never go on furniture in the first place. 

Similar to setting a boundary, if there was no boundary set in the first place, your dog isn’t going to know not to cross that boundary. If the boundary----in this situation, not going on the bed----is set from the get-go, then your dog will know not to cross that boundary. If your dog does not know the boundary ever existed in the first place, you will have to re-train your dog not to cross that boundary by jumping on the bed. 

Get Them Their Own Dog Bed

When learning how to keep a dog off the bed at night or how to keep the dog off the bed when not home, it’s essential to invest in a dog bed for your dog!

Dog beds are a great alternative to sleeping on the bed or jumping on the furniture. There are calming dog beds designed to comfort the anxious dog. As shown in our post discussing whether calming dog beds really work, these specially designed dog beds use high-quality materials to relax a restless dog. Our guide describes how to calm an anxious dogwith helpful tips.

At Lucky Paws, our dog beds are multifunctional as a calming and orthopedic dog bed. An orthopedic dog bed provides exceptional support to alleviate stress in the joints of dogs. In our post on what orthopedic dog beds are made of, we go further into detail to discuss the benefits of investing in a quality dog bed to provide only the best physical and mental support for a man’s best friend. 

Invest in Professional Training if Necessary

Sometimes professional training is necessary to combat previously learned behaviors. And there’s nothing wrong with that! 

Trainers are there to help when your average dog owner can’t combat certain dog behaviors. As a dog owner, a dog trainer can guide you to combat previously learned behaviors by using a guided step-by-step instruction process. The dog trainer will show you how to get from point A to point C---without skipping point B.

Investing in professional training, if necessary, is a great way to learn how to keep the dog off the bed when not home and adequately teach your dog in the most productive way without constantly getting frustrated with the lack of progress that may occur while re-training your dog to eliminate a bad habit. 

Remember - the #1 Way to Keep Your Dog Off the Bed is Giving Them Their Own Bed & Making Them Use it!

The best method how to keep a dog off the bed at night is providing one of its own! 

At Lucky Paws, our soothing dog bedsare the #1 choice that has gone viral due to their astounding ability to calm anxious dogs. The high-quality material and practical design of our soothing dog beds have been proven to promote a sense of security that grounds and soothes anxiety and restlessness in dogs. In addition, our hypo-allergenic and dust-resistant vegan faux fur exterior are removable and washable so that even your dog’s bed can stay fresh and clean! 

And if you’re new to the dog bed world, we recommend checking out our post discussing whether a dog should have more than one bed. This article dives into things many dog owners may not know when providing support and comfort for a man’s best friend. 

Final Thoughts on How to Keep Dog Off Bed at Night or When Not Home

As discussed in this article, there are a few methods for teaching your dog to stay off the bed at night or when you’re not home. Whether your dog has to be retrained or not may decide whether this will be a more tenuous task, but e benefits will be astounding either way! 

Teaching your dog to stay off the bed prevents infestations of your personal space. Investing in a Lucky Paws soothing dog bed will provide your dog with its own space that offers it relaxation and comfort. The #1 choice in dog beds, at Lucky Paws, we boast only the highest quality products that are genuinely designed to provide the utmost comfort and support for man’s best friend. Get yours today!