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What Size Should a Dog Blanket Be? Tips for Proper Sizing

Oct 19,2023 | gladdween

What size should a dog blanket be? Great question!

If you are just discovering the astounding benefits dog blankets provide for man’s best friend, then you’ve come to the right place for answers. Lucky Paws is dedicated to providing only the highest quality products that soothe, relax, and support dogs. And as it turns out, one of those products is our dog blankets! 

Our soothing dog blankets are proven to comfort anxious dogs, providing security and relaxation - and most importantly, comfort! But, how do you know what size to pick for your dog’s new blanket? The answer is dependent on a few different factors. To find out, continue reading below for the answers on what size should a dog blanket be! 

What Exactly is the Point of Dog Blankets?

Dog blankets are an excellent comfort for dogs. As denning animals, dogs find security and safety in a secure space. If you find your dog burrowing under a blanket, using his nose or paws to get it right, it builds a makeshift den. If you have a dog that leans on the anxious end of the spectrum, we recommend our guide read how to calm an anxious dog at night. 

Investing in a dog blanket not only promotes security and comfort for your dog but also can provide much-needed warmth during the winter. Not all breeds come with a thick fur coat that can protect them from the cold. A dog blanket can help keep your dog warm during the cold winter months.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Dog Blanket Size

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the appropriate dog blanket size for your pupper. Keep reading below for more information on selecting the proper size! 

Dog Breed & Size - Not Just Currently, But as They Age!

Dog blankets are different from human blankets. A dog blanket is designed to fit other breeds and ages of dogs. From puppies to chihuahuas and Great Danes, there is a range of sizes of dog blankets.

Smaller than the typical human-sized blankets, a dog blanket is sized to fit over a dog bed or inside a dog crate. This prevents excess fabric from bunching up and attracting dirt on the floor or limiting space in the dog crate. The dog-size blankets also make it much easier to wash and keep clean! 

In one of our other posts, we discuss in depth what experts think on whether dogs should be allowed to sleep in bed. So give it a read for more information on why this will benefit you and your dog! 

Does Your Dog Just Need Something to Lay on or do They Like Being Completely Covered up?

Discerning which of these is best may be difficult if you’re new to the dog blanket outbreak. But that’s why we’re here to help spread information on how to best use these outstanding products proven to soothe, relax, and warm your pupper!

For a smaller dog or a notably cold dog, covering your dog with a dog blanket is the best way to warm and soothe your dog. However, not all breeds are accustomed to the cold or can stay adequately warm in colder temperatures, so covering the dog with the blanket is the best option to provide optimal warmth compared to laying the blanket down for them to lay on. For more tips, check out our post on how to keep your dogs warm in the winter!

In concerns for when it would be best to lay the blanket down, this can be done overtop a dog bed as a comfy and soft blanket for them to snuggle into. Dog blankets are often used to lay over furniture like couches for owners that allow their dogs on the sofa. The dog blanket protects the cough from scratch damage, dirt, and accumulating dog hair. 

Bigger Blankets Cost More & Are Harder to Wash

More oversized blankets will cost more than a dog blanket that is adequately sized for a dog. A human blanket will be more oversized to accommodate our length and wrap around our bodies. A dog blanket is smaller in its design compared to a human blanket. Therefore, it takes less space in comparison to a human blanket. 

Human blankets, due to their larger size, are harder to wash in that they often take up all the room in the washer and dryer. A dog blanket’s accommodating size makes it easy to wash with other clothing items. In addition, they are designed to be easy to manage and take care of so that there is no stink or fuss when cleaning up your dog’s new favorite blanket. 

So - What Size Should a Dog Blanket Be? 

Are you looking for a dog blanket size chart and coming up blank? Then, we’ve got you covered!

Some dog blankets can be a “one size fits all” deal, but if you’re looking for a more snug option for your dog, we have some recommendations to consider on our dog blanket size chart. 

For smaller dogs, 12” x 12”. For medium size dogs, 24” x 24”. And for larger dogs, 36” x 36” will function best for their size. 

The dog blanket size chart works best for these general dog sizes and can fit snugly on their dog bed or dog crate without excess material. In addition, as these sizes run smaller than the average human blankets, they are easier to maintain and wash. 

Final Thoughts on What Size a Dog Blanket Should Be

There’s no need to pull out the sewing machine to start making a dog blanket for a man’s best friend! At Lucky Paws, we’ve invested time and heart into high-quality materials and innovative designs for our products. Our anxiety blanket for dogsis the #1 choice among pet parents due to its proven functionality in soothing anxious and restless dogs. As more than 23 million dogs suffer from anxiety, investing in an anxiety blanket for your dog will not only soothe its nerves but keep it warm and snug. And that’s not all! Our calming beds for dogshave gone viral for their proven ability to calm an anxious dog and pair magnificently well with our soothing dog blankets. 

Give your dog the comfort they deserve at Lucky Paws!