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Why do Dogs Like Dog Beds?

Oct 19,2023 | gladdween

There are many reasons why dogs like dog beds. From easing anxiety to alleviating joint stress, dog beds have been approved by dogs for years!

Like humans, dogs want a space where they know they can find peace and comfort. There are many kinds of dog beds made with different materials and qualities. They can even be designed to provide orthopedic support or promote a calming effect for anxiety-driven dogs.

In this article, we’ll discuss why dogs like dog beds and what factors go into what to look for to help you find the perfect bed for your four-legged friend. 

Why do Dogs Like Dog Beds?

First things first - why do dogs like dog beds? And, why do dogs like raised beds in particular?

There are actually quite a few reasons. From dogs’ territorial characteristics to the comfort these beds provide, read on below to learn all about why dogs like dog beds. 

Dogs are Territorial - They Love Having Their Own Space

So…why do dogs like beds of their own?  

Though most dogs may end up fondly cuddling by your side, having their own space is preferred. It creates a comfortable space for them to enter when their owner isn’t home or when guests are over and taking up the couch space. If dogs on the furniture is a no-no, a dog bed is even more essential in providing a supportive and comfortable place for your dog to relax. A space that is its own. 

The dog bed can also be used for training purposes. Training the dog to stay in it’s “place,” which in this case would be the dog bed, allows guests to enter the home without being jumped all over and can be used as a stepping stone for further training. The dog bed becomes the dog’s “space” so that it knows it is a safe place----that smells like them and identifies as its space. 

Raised Dog Beds Are Super Comfortable for Any Pup!

Why do dogs like raised beds? A raised dog bed is lifted off the floor, allowing for ventilation so air can circulate underneath the dog bed. This helps make sure your dog isn’t too hot or cold and can relax at a comfortable temperature. 

It also benefits your dog by supporting joints to prevent the development of hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other joint problems commonly found in dogs. In addition, the orthopedic support alleviates pressure throughout your dog's body like human mattresses. 

The Faux Fur in a Dog Bed Reminds Them of Their Mother

The faux fur lining a dog bed can remind dogs of their mother or other littermates and provide further relaxation and comfort. Faux fur is a material used in the outermost layer of the bed lining.

There is some controversy about dog beds containing animal-based and toxic materials that can harm you or your dog, which is why we use vegan faux fur at Lucky Paws. Not only will you and your dog be safe from toxic chemicals, but your dog will be provided with maximum comfort that reminds them of their mother. 

As shown in our post on  how to calm an anxious dog at night, the vegan faux fur soothes an anxious dog’s nerves. This faux fur has led to our bed becoming knowing as the #1 choice among pet parents. More on that later, though. 

More Reasons to Get Your Dog a New Bed

You now know why your dog likes having its own bed. But as you probably could have guessed, there are also benefits you’ll enjoy when you get your dog their own bed.

Certain Dog Beds Offer a Calming Effect

These calming dog beds are specifically designed to soothe your anxious pup. Often made from high-quality and durable materials, like vegan faux fur and memory foam, calming dog beds will have a raised edge. This design encourages a sense of security and comfort. Combined with the soft material of vegan faux fur, it promotes relaxation and a calming effect for your dog. 

In our post discussing  if calming dog beds really work to ease anxious pets, we further discuss what a calming dog bed is, what veterinarians' perspective of them is, and if a calming dog bed is suitable for your pup. Check it out to learn more.

They’ll Finally Stay Off YourBed (or the Couch!)

There’s a lot of controversy and personal opinion on whether pets should be allowed on furniture. We recently wrote an article on  whether dogs should be allowed to sleep in bed. In this article, you’ll learn that the cons outweigh the pros - and thus, your dog should stay off the bed. But how can you make this happen? By providing your dog with their own space, of course.

Protect Your Pet’s Joints

Dog beds, like raised dog beds, provide orthopedic support for your dog, similar to how a human mattress functions for us humans. It alleviates pressure on the joints and can protect your dog for years. In addition, the comfort these beds provide allows for maximum relief for your pet, encouraging them to nestle down and catch some zzz’s

Our post on  what orthopedic dog beds are made ofdetails how orthopedic dog beds may be the perfect option for your dog, especially if your dog suffers from arthritis or other joint pain issues. 

Which Dog Bed is Right for Your Four-Legged Friend?

At Lucky Paws, our  calming beds for dogsgive your furry friend the comfort they deserve!

As the #1 choice that has gone understandably viral, our dog beds are proven to relieve anxiety by grounding your pup in maximum comfort. In addition, the security of our soft dog beds encourages your pup to wind down and sleep soundly without the nagging restlessness of anxiety and stress. 

Boasting extra stuffing and super soft vegan faux fur that’s hypo-allergenic and dust resistant, our calming dog beds promote only the best comfort for your pup. 

Why do Dogs Like Raised Beds? Wrapping Things Up

No more stress and anxiety for your favorite pup, not with Lucky Paws’ calming dog beds! Soothe your dog’s nerves and remove pressure on their joints by investing in the top choice of dog bed out there. Then, take it a step further with our  anxiety blankets for dogs, a waterproof throw blanket that has been proven to fend off anxiety attacks in dogs while also protecting your furniture from dog hair, scratches, and more. 

Help your dog out with the #1 choice in dog beds proven to benefit man’s best friend! If you’re getting ready to buy your first dog bed, we recommend checking out our blog post that discusses  how often to change dog beds and our blog post clarifying  how many dog beds your dog should have.